Jump Goes 2 for 3 | Beaver Dam Kartway

We rolled off the truck with another new gear set up in an effort to find more speed. In practice it showed we were ready for the night.

Heat 1 Jaxxston was scheduled to start P3 but due to a mechanical failure in front of him it moved him to starting P1. He was caught sleeping on the start and fell to P2 right away. While he worked tirelessly on the leader he just couldn’t find a way around and ended up P2.

Heat 2 he started P2 and knew if he wanted it he would have to win the race to turn 1. He was on his A game and got the job done, P1.

He had his work cut out for him in the feature starting P3. If they gave out a “race of the night” award this was a strong contender! At the drop of the green it was go time and they all knew it. Jaxxston quickly made it to P2 in pursuit of the lead. He again work diligently on the leader lap after lap with no chance on the inside he knew he would have to make the outside work. He gave it several tries out of turn 4 trying to beat the leader to turn 1. After numerous failed attempts he finally got the position just enough to pinch the leader down, slight contact but nothing more than a racing incident and he came out with the lead. He went on to finish P1!

After the race, the other drivers father complimented Jake on Jaxxston’s driving. Most kids would use the bumper and move the leader, Jaxxston decided putting on a show the long way around would be more fun and it didn’t disappoint!

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